A catch-all mailbox is one that collects all the emails sent to invalid addresses. For example, if your address is info@domain.com, but somebody mistypes it and sends an email message to inof@domain.com, it will still be received in the catch-all mailbox that you have configured. Only one mailbox per domain can have this feature activated and in this way you will never miss emails because the other party has an obsolete address or has made a spelling error. The downside of configuring a catch-all mailbox is that you may begin receiving plenty of spam email messages, but this issue can be solved using anti-spam filtering software. It is also essential to keep in mind that a mailbox with an activated catch-all functionality cannot forward incoming messages to a third-party mailbox.

Catch-all Emails in Hosting

You will be able to create a catch-all mailbox without effort if you have a hosting account with our company. The Email Manager tool in our custom-created Hepsia Control Panel is fully featured, yet stunningly simple to use, and it will permit you to activate different features, including the catch-all one, with just a couple of mouse clicks. All the mailboxes that you’ve got will be shown alphabetically in this section and on the right side of each one of them you will see a mini "Catch-all" button. Clicking it once will activate this option, clicking on it once more will deactivate it. As you can have only one such catch-all mailbox per domain name, our system will inform you if you already have a different one with this option activated or if you’ve got active email forwarding.